Notley Abbey Wedding

Sep 7, 2021 | Weddings

I had a fantastic time shooting E + J at the Notley Abbey wedding venue in Buckinghamshire. This stunning estate offers a fantastic range of beautiful backgrounds, which gave me a hundred different options for how I could show them off in their full wedding day outfits. 

The first thing you’ll notice coming into Notley Abbey is the incredible drive in, surrounded by enormous trees and one long road, it makes for a stunning place to enjoy a moment to yourselves, and the symmetry allows for images that look like they came straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Couple in wedding outfits at Notley Abbey Wedding venue

The many gorgeous gardens make for some equally lovely backdrops, and allow you to relax while your guests are enjoying the stunning Medieval architecture. While the gardens are filled with gorgeous flowers and endless greenery, the venue itself has both traditional medieval looking rooms with cozy hearths, and a gorgeous modern venue space, for those looking to party with a view. The Notley Abbey Wedding venue has gorgeous manicured lawns, flower filled gardens, beautiful archways, and fairy lit walkways, there’s so many ways to how you off on your wedding day!

Being a highly sought-after Buckinghamshire wedding venue, Notley Abbey’s experienced wedding team knows all of the best vendors in the area, so even if you’re from out of town, this is a great option. I’d be happy to show you around the best spots on your special day.

From the gorgeous cozy rooms filled with natural daylight, to the expansive grounds and the horses in the fields, there’s endless photos to be had of you and your partner looking gorgeous in a beautiful surrounding. If you want to see more images at similarly amazing places, check out my portfolio!

I truly love shooting at Nottley Abbey’s wedding venue, and look forward to further weddings there in the future, if you’re thinking about getting married there, get in touch! 


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