Fun and Romantic Couple Photos on the Beach

Jun 7, 2022 | Blog

I’m mad for the coast, I may live in London, but the coast is where my heart stayed and always will. So when Ben and Marina mentioned they would love to do their engagement shoot in Dorset, I jumped at the opportunity! The beautiful dunes, the salt in the air and the sand in your toes, the coast makes anywhere feel like a holiday, and on this scorching hot day we made the most of it. Studland Bay made for a truly beautiful backdrop for what was a fun and relaxed shoot.

“We wanted to try some piggyback photos” Words every photographer wants to hear!

I’ve known Ben and Marina, for a few years now, and being asked to shoot their wedding is an genuine honour. They’re both wonderfully kind and creative people, so their trust in me as a professional and a friend is a great feeling. That same trust, led to some truly wonderful photos throughout the shoot, because when I asked them to run up a dune for the third time, they knew I was doing something special!

Silhouette of couple with sunburst
Harsh light can be a lot of fun if you know what to do with it.

Shooting by the sea comes with many challenges, not the least of which was deciding what would be the backdrop for any given photo, it all looked amazing! Ben and Marina helped with this one though, they saw a sand pit and immediately were saying “Let’s do something in there!”. They were so comfortable and playful with each-other, and this is one of my favourite shots of the day.

Ben and Marina Dorset engagement shoot
Smiles, glances and kisses. Beautiful moments, captured for a lifetime.

Huge congratulations to Ben and Marina, I really did have a fantastic time shooting with these lovely people, and if you’re looking for a couples shoot somewhere by the coast get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


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